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COVID-19 Statement

About Us
We are proud to be your trusted transportation partner.  For over 30 years Chariots has been navigating the roadways focused on safely getting you to your destination.  That has never changed.
With the challenges presented with COVID-19, your safety now demands something extra!  We wanted to take a moment to let you know what extra steps and procedures we have in place to address the concerns you may have.  These precautionary measures are being taken to provide the highest level of protection for everyone.
 ·  Daily cleaning of the vehicle, interior and exterior, daily with passenger touch points being hand washed with soap and water.
·  Wiping all exterior and interior passenger touch points (door handles, grab handles, seat belt buckles, control knobs, etc.) with an appropriate disinfectant.  This is being done for every trip!
·  PPE will be available including gloves, single use masks, and hand sanitizer
·  An aerosol disinfectant is applied to the vents and ducts of the climate control system. This is being done for every trip!
·  The climate control systems will not be operated operated in the ‘recirculation’ setting.  This will allow the car’s vents to bring in fresh air.

·  We have removed all reading and printed materials from each vehicle.
·  Whenever possible, we are asking everyone to limit the sharing of all physical materials between the passenger and the chauffeur.  This includes the shaking of hands.

·  For our chauffeurs, we are encouraging them to take their temperatures daily, at the same time of day, to monitor any changes.  Do not report for duty if you feel at all unwell.
 · Offer to sanitize baggage/luggage handles at drop off

Always striving to provide you with the highest levels of safety and service, we hope this information provides a bit of reassurance.

Until our next opportunity to serve you, The Chariots of Hire Team wishes you the best of health!
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